The ever growing Open City Docs Fest in London kicked off today and we are proudly part of it and nominated for the Emerging UK Filmmaker Award!
Join us this¬†Saturday the 22nd of June, at 2pm @ Birkbeck cinema. The film will be followed by a Q&A chaired by UCL’s professor of anthropology specialising in Greece.

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Nominated for Emerging UK Filmmaker Award

This dystopian vision of shepherds and farmers in the Greek mountains takes us as far from romance as real poverty can, while remaining extraordinarily faithful to the place of his characters in their landscape. This film finds moments of dark humour and transcendent beauty as an older couple banter and berate one another, while the adult son of an alcoholic mother drowns his own desires in the local taverna. Animals move restlessly as though knowing something humans cannot, and ominous interceptions from radio and TV broadcasts bring news of the wake of the Greek financial crisis.