VIENNALE ’53 ‘Once more with feeling’ | FESTIVAL

To the Wolf was invited once again to the Viennale as part of the special programme ‘ONCE MORE WITH FEELING’, curated by Vassilis Bourikas.

GREECE – ONCE MORE WITH FEELING (Greek Films from 2005 to 2015)

“Did you think that the majority of Greek movies of the last decade consisted entirely of direct or indirect comments on the country’s socioeconomic crisis? Or did you believe that contemporary Greek cinema could only display cool rearrangements of hipster trademarks like vacant and emotionless action with forced, awkward dialogue and creepy body language? Well, that isn’t your fault. Or maybe it is. Our “crisis” is more photogenic than most, our hipsters are hipper than most, and for quite a while the customer got what the customer wanted, as far as the export of Greek films was concerned. Despite the hardship, a broad spectrum of Greek films were, are and will remain able to engage with all kinds of subjects and forms and to defy pigeonholing. This is the essence of this Viennale program, which includes both festival hits and less known films. Not a complete picture, but at least an expanded one.”

Curated by Vassily Bourikas.

FLIX magazine review (here)